Water infiltration from your roof can lead to mold growth, substrate failure, and a costly roofing nightmare. SPF can help solve problems most commonly associated with roof system details - saving you time, money, headaches, and protecting your asset investment in the long run. 

Fast & Easy
Spray Polyurethane Foam works fast and easy. Applied with a spray gun by roofing professionals, the liquid foam expands and seals rapidly, hardening in just minutes. 
Don't rely on a bucket of old mastic or the bull-and-web method! Trust the innovation of self-flashing and seamless spray foam roofing to seal up all penetrations and fully adhere roofing details to the deck. 

SPF: The Premier Solution
SPF is the premier solution for complicated low-slope roofs with many details. Providing a weather resistant and lightweight insulated system, SPF protects your building and provides peace of mind that your roof will perform to its service life. 

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Detail Failure = Roofing Failure

- Provides a Broad Monolithic Seal
- Reinforces Joints
- Fills Voids
- Eliminates Weak Terminations

Most roofing leaks are related to detail failure - whether from improper installation or lack of maintenance and repair. It is critical to exercise necessary treatment and/or replacement of worn or damaged drains, flashing, and penetrations.
The go-to method for most roofing detail repair jobs is the 3-Course Method:
1. Apply generous amounts of roof coating, plastic cement, or mastic.
2. Embed non-woven polyester fabric or mesh.
3. Coat over it.
The Bull and Web Method
The key to effective repair is proper technique, professional repair, and quality materials. Known as the "bull and web method," this can be both labor and time consuming, and is often only as effective as slapping on a Band-Aid to fix your roofing detail problems.

Polyurethane Foam Roofing

SPF self-flashes around roofing details on a low-slope
‚Äčcommercial roofing system

We offer several options for your commercial roofing system project. We are trained and certified in the application of elastomerics as well trained in single-ply and self-adhered roofing systems.

We also offer polyurethane foam with coatings for one of the best systems available because of the insulation and its long-lasting properties.

Drains, Penetrations, Skylights & Terminations
From the skylight that beams natural light into your building, to the drain that steadfastly prevents water from ponding on your low-slope roof, roofing details are important. 
Drains, penetrations, skylights, and other roof details come with a lot of seams, joints, and terminations of dissimilar materials, presenting potential entry points for water to seep in and do some serious damage.
Even the tiniest pinhole leak or cracked caulk joint can - if left unattended, allow water to saturate insulation and erode roof substrates. Ultimately, this can lead to an entire roofing system failure. 

- Sticks Tenaciously to Pipe, Substrate or Metal Flashing that Needs Sealing
- Expands & Fills Around Irregular Shapes
- Prevents Water Entry into Your Building
- Holds Dissimilar Materials Together
- Slopes Rainfall Away

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- TPO/Single Ply Roofing
- Single Ply Recoats
- Self-Adhered Roofing Systems
- Polyurethane Foam Roofing System
- Metal Roofing

Protect Your Investment with SPF

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With its seamless and self-flashing features, spray foam outperforms the 3-Course Method and Roof Mastic when it comes to sealing around roofing details.

Benefits of Using SPF with Roof Details:

Spray Polyurethane Foam

Please contact us for a full system analysis as we offer different options for your budget and need. One of the benefits of the systems we offer, is that you can do part or all of the project at one time, so you can extend the project over years starting with the problem areas and advancing over the roof over time. This is a great option for companies that want to extend their roofing investment over time.

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