Factory-manufactured membrane roofing systems provide a durable, energy efficient barrier to the elements. These systems provide superior wind and fire protection, chemical resistance and can be applied in all climates and seasons. Membrane rolls are overlapped and welded together to form a tough, durable shield that will keep your building and its contents protected for years to come.

TPO/ Single Ply Roofing

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- Form a sturdy shield that withstands decades of exposure to the harshest environments (Our Hy-Crown® roofs are still in service after 30 years!)
- Offer superior resistance to a broad range of chemicals
- Can be applied in almost any climate/season (So you never have to wait for roof protection)
- Lower energy costs
- Fire resistant (Underwriters Laboratory)
- Creates chemical resistance for harsh climates
- Protect your valuable property from the worst Mother Nature can dish out

But remember, the number one ingredient to a good roof system is proper installation.

ENERGY STAR-rated roof coatings are more popular than ever because they offer:

A terrific Return On Investment (ROI). These roofs can literally pay for themselves in energy savings within just 7 years (results may vary).
You may qualify for the federal government’s new tax credits and/or rebates -earmarked for energy-efficient projects.
This system can eliminate the need for tear-off, which reduces the amount of waste that is added to our landfills.